Eco Friendly Pest Services

Eco Friendly Pest Control

Our Eco Friendly Pest Control Services can be up to 100% eco friendly.

After our professionals identify your pest problem, they first use non-chemical techniques to manage your pest problem. Pesticides are only used when necessary.

Our team uses the the IPM (Integrated Pest Management) approach. Any action that our specialists take are designed to target the troublesome pest and limit the impact on other organisms and the environment.

Avoid Reoccurring Pests

Eradication is half the battle, prevention is the other half.

At Nature Pacific Pest we don’t just get rid of the pests and leave. Our professionals take preventative measures to stop pests from invading your home or business in the future. Followup appointments are always recommended.

Once your home or business has been compromised, the probability of pests trying to get back in raises substantially. While taking the eco-friendly route is safer and better for the environment, ongoing pest control treatment plans are recommended.



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