Petaluma Unexpected Rodent Infestation

At Nature Pacific Pest, we recently encountered a challenging case of a rodent infestation in a 2-story home located on the east side of Petaluma, close to Casa Grande High School, off of Ely Blvd. The homeowner had been troubled by the unsettling sounds of rats in the wall, prompting them to seek professional assistance. Our team embarked on a thorough inspection to identify the root of the issue and develop an effective solution.

Unraveling the Mystery

The initial inspection revealed that the home was built on a slab, ruling out the possibility of rats nesting underneath the house. The attic, surprisingly, showed no signs of rat activity. However, we remained determined to locate the access points these elusive rodents were exploiting.

Cracking the Code

Our team’s keen eye led us to the root cause of the problem – the rats had cleverly found their way onto the roof by using the overhanging trees as bridges. Once on the roof, they managed to breach the flashing of the tile roof and chew through the felt paper, gaining access to the interior wall of the bathroom. This explained the homeowner’s unsettling experiences with rats in the wall.

Rats Using Trees to Climb
Rats getting into home through roof.

Preventative Measures

To ensure the rodents could no longer gain access, we proposed a comprehensive plan. First and foremost, we recommended trimming all trees surrounding the home and roof, keeping them at least 5 feet away from the roofline and gutters. This measure would prevent the rodents from using trees as entry points in the future.

A Tailored Plan

With a solid plan in place, our team now focuses on meticulously sealing all identified openings and potential entry points. Our rodent exclusion repair work aims to fortify the home against any future intrusion from these unwanted pests.


At Nature Pacific Pest, we take pride in our dedication to solving complex pest issues like this rodent infestation. With a careful inspection and tailored solutions, we are confident that we can restore peace of mind to our clients and ensure a pest-free home environment. If you ever find yourself facing a similar situation, don’t hesitate to reach out to our expert team for prompt and effective pest control assistance.



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