Santa Rosa Attic Restoration & Insulation

We recently completed an attic restoration and insulation project in Santa Rosa, specifically near Piner High in the 95403 area. Alongside this task, we took care of installing a 12ML thick vapor barrier beneath the house to effectively manage moisture levels. Additionally, we eliminated dry wood termites from the premises. Our skilled construction team also addressed any dry rot issues by performing necessary repairs. With our comprehensive approach, we ensured that this home received top-notch restoration, insulation, pest control, and structural enhancements.

Our Attic Restoration Steps

Here are the steps we followed for this project:

  1. Rodent Exclusion: We started by implementing measures to prevent rodents from entering the attic, ensuring a pest-free environment.
  2. Attic Insulation Removal: Next, we carefully removed the old attic insulation, preparing the space for the installation of new and improved materials.
  3. Attic Disinfection and Sanitization: Prior to installing the new insulation, we thoroughly disinfected and sanitized the attic, eliminating any existing germs or bacteria.
  4. Blown-in TAP Insulation: We then installed a highly effective insulation called TAP (Thermal Acoustic Pest) insulation. This type of insulation contains borates, which not only provide thermal and acoustic insulation benefits but also act as a pesticide, effectively killing termites, carpenter ants, and other insects. Additionally, the insulation serves as a noise-cancelling solution and is flame retardant, making it a superior choice.

By following these simple steps, we ensured a rodent-free, well-insulated, and safe attic space for our client.

Attic TAP insulation in Sonoma County by Nature Pacific Pest
Moisture Barrier in Santa Rosa home by Nature Pacific Pest Services.

Vapor Barrier Under the Home

In addition to the attic restoration and insulation project, we took an extra step to address moisture control at this home. We installed a 12ML thick vapor barrier underneath the house. This specialized barrier acts as a protective layer, effectively controlling and minimizing moisture levels. By preventing excessive moisture from seeping into the foundation, we safeguarded the home against potential issues such as mold growth, structural damage, and humidity-related concerns. With the installation of this robust vapor barrier, we ensured a healthier and more durable environment for the homeowner.



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