How to Deal with Spring Pests – Spiders, Earwigs & more.

Every spring we see an increase of earwigs, sow bugs, crickets, ants and spiders. The warm spring weather is great for insects because it provides warmth and food as the plants are blooming once again. When the insects food source increases the insects increase. When insects increase the spider population increases as they prey on insects.

Common Invasive Spiders in Sonoma County

Spiders come every spring and stay throughout fall until temperatures drop.

Typical spiders we see in Sonoma County and the surrounding areas include:

  • House Spiders
  • Cellar Spiders (Daddy Long Legs)
  • Wolf Spiders
  • Hobo Spiders
  • Zebra Jumping Spiders
  • Orb Weaving Spiders
  • Black Widows
  • Yellow Sac Spiders

Although all of these pests are invasive,  the black widow and yellow sac spider spider are the only ones from the list that are venomous.

Spring Pests in Sonoma County
Avoid Spring Pests including spiders by keeping plants away from your home

Tips to Keep Spiders and other Spring Pests Away

Controlling the spider food source can drastically reduce spiders around your home.
Other tips to keep spiders and other Spring pests away from your home are:

  • Keep trees trimmed away from home
  • Keep bushes, shrubs and hedges trimmed away from your home
  • Keep bushes, shrubs and hedges thinned out
  • Plant your crops and flowers away from the home and not right up against your home

Following these tips will drastically reduce invasive Spring Pests such as earwigs, sow bugs, crickets, ants and spiders.

Need Help?

Spring time can mean a lot of things but it doesn’t have to mean your home is infested with pests and spiders.
During Spring time we will see more insects and pests than other times of the year but we can help by putting together a custom maintenance pest control plan that specifically meets your needs.



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