Duplex in Need of Attention

Graton, CA Home Restoration

Graton, CA Home Restoration by Nature Pacific Builders.

Our recent project in Graton, CA brought us to a duplex with attached garages that was in need of some serious attention. With a laundry list of issues, from termite infestations to dry rot and structural concerns, it was clear that a full-scale restoration was in order.

Termite Troubles Unveiled

Our journey began with a thorough termite inspection. What we discovered was a trifecta of termite woes – dry wood termites, subterranean termites, and wood-boring beetles. These wood-destroying organisms had taken residence in the home, posing a significant threat to its structural integrity.

Crawlspace Restoration

To tackle this challenge, we initiated a subterranean termite treatment, setting the stage for a comprehensive crawlspace restoration. The damaged insulation, a result of unwanted rodent and raccoon guests, was removed, making way for the renovation process. The crawlspace was disinfected, and all traces of feces were meticulously vacuumed using HEPA filter vacuums. In addition, we installed vapor barriers in both sub-areas to mitigate moisture issues that had plagued the home.

During this phase, we detected a leak, and we promptly referred our client to Holman Plumbing, ensuring that the source of the issue was promptly addressed, underscoring our commitment to a holistic approach to home restoration.

Crawlspace Restoration

With the crawlspace on the mend, we shifted our focus to the home itself. Over the course of five days, we conducted a thorough fumigation to eradicate wood-boring powder post beetles and dry wood termites, ensuring that the home was free from these destructive pests.

Addressing Dry Rot and Structural Concerns

The hardest part of this project was addressing the dry rot issues that had infiltrated the home’s siding and crawlspace. To remedy this, we employed a complex structural repair process. The home was jacked up, and new 2x8x14’ girders were introduced, reinforcing the structure and replacing the compromised 2×10 rim joist. This critical intervention not only corrected the sagging floor but also averted the risk of a potential floor collapse.

In the end, our comprehensive restoration efforts breathed new life into this Graton duplex. From eliminating termite infestations to resolving moisture concerns and addressing structural issues, Nature Pacific Pest ensured that the home was not only pest-free but also structurally sound and ready to provide comfort and security to its residents.



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