Fall & Winter Rodent Control

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Fall & Winter Rodent Control

As the days grow shorter and the temperatures drop during the fall and winter, there’s a subtle invasion happening that you might not be aware of – rats seeking refuge inside your home. Yes, you read that right. Rats are opportunistic creatures, and when the weather turns chilly, they’re more inclined to venture indoors. It’s a seasonal occurrence that can lead to a host of problems for homeowners.

Entry Points

These unwanted guests are clever at finding their way in. They’ll slip into your crawlspace and make nests in the insulation, or they might even venture into the ducting. Some rats are bold enough to explore your attic, where they’ll comfortably nest in the attic insulation. What might start as a seemingly harmless visit can quickly turn into a headache. Rats are notorious for causing extensive damage to homes, from chewing through electrical wiring to creating structural issues.

One common entry point for these furry invaders is through the garage. Often, rats will chew on the garage door weather strip or weather seal, creating an entryway into your garage and potentially your home.

Fall Pests

October & November Special

Here at Nature Pacific Pest Services, we understand the importance of being proactive when it comes to rodent control. That’s why we’re offering a special preventative rodent inspection in September and October. Instead of the usual $250, this service is now available for just $175. It’s a small investment that can save you from significant hassles down the road.

Our experts will thoroughly inspect your property, identifying potential entry points and assessing any existing rodent activity. By taking action now, you can ensure a rat-free and stress-free home for the upcoming seasons.

Don’t let rats take shelter in your home this fall and winter. Contact Nature Pacific Pest Services today to schedule your preventative rodent inspection and secure your home against these uninvited guests.



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