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Windsor Residential Pest Inspection

Windsor Residential Pest Inspection

Recently, we received a call for a pest inspection in the picturesque town of Windsor, California. Suspicions were high for termite activity, and upon investigation, our fears were confirmed – Drywood termites had made themselves at home. The solution? A scheduled fumigation to rid the house of these unwanted guests.

Additional Findings

As part of our thorough inspection, we ventured into the subarea beneath the kitchen and bathroom. Here, we uncovered the need for a surface fungus treatment, ensuring the home remains a healthy and safe living space.

Additionally, our keen eye spotted something else: rodent entry points that required immediate sealing. What’s remarkable is that the homeowner had purchased this property just two years ago, and the inspections at the time had cleared it of any pest issues. This goes to show the immense value of regular pest inspections.

Pest Entry Point

Get Routine Inspections

By conducting routine inspections, we can catch and address pest issues before they escalate into major problems, saving homeowners time, money, and stress. At Nature Pacific Pest, we’re dedicated to keeping your home pest-free and your peace of mind intact. Don’t wait for pests to become noticeable – schedule your regular pest inspection today. Your home deserves nothing less than proactive protection.



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