Sonoma Rodent Infestation

At Nature Pacific Pest, we recently took on a challenging project in Sonoma, California, where a homeowner was grappling with a large rodent infestation. The 3000 sq ft home, with an elevated crawlspace and attic space above, faced relentless attacks from field mice, roof rats, and even raccoons. The rodents had caused significant damage to the crawlspace insulation and had left behind their unwelcome presence, including feces-infested vapor barriers. With a tailored plan and determination, our expert team resolved the issue and restored the home to its rodent-free state.

Identifying and Planning

The initial step in combatting the infestation involved a comprehensive inspection. We meticulously identified all the entry points used by the rodents and raccoons to access the home. Armed with this information, we devised a strategic plan to close up these holes, preventing any future intrusion from rats, mice, and raccoons. Additionally, our team laid out a trap and one-way door strategy to safely remove the raccoon.

Executing the Plan

With a solid plan in place, we quickly got to work. Our team expertly sealed up all identified entry points and set up traps to capture the rodents. After a short period, we had successfully trapped over 20 rats and mice from the crawlspace, effectively reducing the rodent population.

Sonoma Rodents in Attic. This is after our cleanup.
Rodent Infestation Cleanup

The Restoration Process

The next critical step was to address the damage caused by the infestation. We removed all the damaged insulation from the crawlspace and thoroughly disinfected and sanitized the area, ensuring a clean and safe environment. Using HEPA filter vacuums, we meticulously cleaned all the rodent feces to eliminate any potential health hazards.

Revitalizing the Home

To restore the home’s insulation and energy efficiency, our team installed new R-19 16” wide fiberglass insulation in the crawlspace. To fortify the space against future rodent intrusion, we laid down a new 10ML thick vapor barrier.

Monthly Maintenance

Delighted with the results, the client expressed their satisfaction and signed up for a once-a-month rodent maintenance service plan to prevent any future infestations. With a commitment to ensuring their ongoing protection, we offered peace of mind to the homeowner.

The success story of our Sonoma project showcases the dedication and expertise of the Nature Pacific Pest team. By carefully identifying and sealing entry points, performing meticulous clean-ups, and installing high-quality insulation, we effectively resolved the rodent infestation issue. If you’re facing a similar challenge, don’t hesitate to reach out to our expert team for effective pest control solutions and ensure a pest-free home environment.



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