Bobby Ramirez BNI Presentation 7/27/23 Pest Control Life


Welcome referal machine members and guests!! You made it here today, I’m happy you’re here. I’m grateful you are here.

Thumbnail for Sonoma County Summer Pests

Thumbnail for Sonoma County Summer Pests

My name is Bobby Ramirez I’m the owner and operator of Nature Pacific Pest Services and Nature Pacific Builders. I hold the pest control seat in the chapter.

I am a father to Azleah and Jeremiah and a husband to Yali first and foremost. I am a brother, cosuin, friend, coach, mentor, someone who wants to leave this world better than I found it and a child of God.

This is my family on our recent trip to El Paso Texas to visit family! My heart was so full in Texas

Angel tutu Helly me

family at chihuahuas baseball game it was Leah and Jerry’s first game


recently I was invite on the pine podcast by Dan Quinones. That was a blast!

listen to podcast here


leaving an impact. Something I strive to do.

I see impact when I look around the referal machine, I’m encouraged to see that people around me are about more than business and money. I love to see the generosity and  seeing people lead, serve, love and care for Others

Brook with the food bank and blood donations

Ray with his bike ride

Rob with his ultimate weekend mentoring young men


back porch leadership monthly dinner with guys, mentoring and doing life with guys in their 20s-30s


mazatlan men’s trip mission work various projects

shoulder to shoulder


Life rock local non profit that helps people with drug and alcohol addiction

women and children’s shelter/ half way house


new vintage church




Good referrals for me and NPPS

Airport Santa Rosa

Parkpoint health club

Redwood credit union

In n out


Exchange bank

Non profit owners

Home owners with rodents, termites, fungus, damaged insulation in attic or sub area